Oct 14, 2010


"Autumn" is an ode to those rare convergences of the world's charms, as well as an anodyne against the low grey that's already descended here in Binghamton and will persist until late March. Stare at this page's background for 6 months to get an idea.

Tina Schumann says:
"Originally entitled 'Autumn Epiphany' (which ended up sounding overly explanatory), that is, of course, precisely what this momentary enlightenment was: a realization of being 'in the moment.' I often find inspiration while driving; there is something stimulating on a visceral level about motion and passing images, music and isolation. I have learned to keep a notebook handy and to pull-over to write."

Tina Schumann

You know how the world comes at you like that?
You're driving down some tree-lined street
with Vivaldi or Corelli
lilting their way from the radio.
The sun casting prisms on the leaves,
the leaves easy in their fall.
All questions have quieted.
You are convinced that even the asphalt is happy
to be what it is: solid, stoic, the backbone of a day.
Up ahead the next three lights are green,
you are passing the schoolyard at St. Paul's
and all the kids in their blue and green uniforms
are bright angels, bearers of light.
There goes Stone Way Cleaners where they are
steaming and pressing
steaming and pressing just for you. The world is stuck
on go, proceed, avanti. No one could imagine
how enlightened you've become
in the cabin of your car, on the rim of tears
with your velocity, your clarity at the wheel,
your rapid rolling toward some small truth, on and on like that.