Nov 22, 2010


This week, Harpur Palate gives thanks for the work of Michael Jenkins and Travis Mossotti.

"You're a Pearl," Michael's dark, sonically rich dramatic monologue, can be found in issue 10.1. He sounds almost in character here.

Michael Jenkins

A pearl? No.
A pearl's classy,
the oyster's passion,
a smooth moon
made from pain.

Me, I'm abalone,
plain rough mutton-eared
mother of pearl,
gaudy off-key cheap,
my mother's daughter.

From the kitchen
her oily voice
was that sheen
slickening the puddles
after the rain.

Shane, her lover
loser wanna-be surfer
half her age,
used my abalone
treasures for ashtrays.

I turned thirteen,
hint of shimmer.
His eyes changed
like the sea,
blue to green.

But in moonlight
they went black.
I held tight
to the rock
of his back.

I've never told
anyone that–
my inlaid secret
I've kept hidden
between the frets,

yet here's more
girl victim gore
if you're thinking
I've got shine–
I liked it.


Next we offer up Travis Mossotti's "Sidewalk Superman" as an audio preview of issue 10.2, forthcoming in late January. Based on James Tate's "Success Comes to Cow Creek," this is one of two poems by Travis to be featured.

Also be sure to check out "Decampment," a short film based on Travis' work.

Happy Holidays everyone!