Jan 27, 2011

More Eponymous News!

If you've read anything published in Harpur Palate over the last few years, you've read the work of T.J. Forrester, whose stories have appeared in issue 6.2 ("The Revolving Door") and 8.1 ("Black Heart on the Appalachian Trail"). T.J.'s debut novel, Miracles, Inc., will be published by Simon & Schuster on February 1st, and we are doubly proud to learn that his collection of stories, Black Heart on the Appalachian Trail, is set to be released next year. You can learn more about T.J. and order copies of his book through his website, and, if you want to learn more about the type of inter-office dancing we do each time we learn one of our contributors has a forthcoming book, you can ask for a sample jig if/when you see us at this year's Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference, held this year in Washington, D.C.

Come watch us shake for quarters!