May 6, 2013

Issue 12.2 Now on Archives!

Selections from Harpur Palate issue 12.2 are now up on our Archive page! Go check out the winners of the Milton Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry as well as the Harpur Palate Prize for Creative Nonfiction. We hope your Monday is as bright and sunny as ours!

May 2, 2013

WINNER of Harpur Palate Undergraduate Creative Writing Contest

MICAELA FERGUSON is from Rochester, New York. She is currently studying integrative neuroscience at Binghamton University, and hopes to attend medical school in the near future. Micaela wrote her first story at the age of eight about a caterpillar who didn't fit in, and have continued writing because her sixth grade teacher demanded it. This is Micaela's first published piece.


Contributor Highlight: Jackie Clark


"Aphoria" is a poetry collection by past contributor Jackie Clark, published by Brooklyn Arts Press. Here is a review of "Aphoria" by Seth Abramson from The Huffington Post:
"Clark's attempts to connect the abstract decor of the psyche and the inorganic and organic furnishings of a personal life are bracing and alluring. These brief, aggressively-enjambed poems offer several memorable turns of phrase apiece, and never fail to honor the small spaces in which we live as well as the broad expanses mapped by our anxieties, emotional proclivities, and hard-won first principles. None of the poems are titled, and few run longer than a page, but this is only appropriate for a poetics as exquisitely attuned to the minute as this one is."
Jacke's poem "The New Year" was published in issue 12.2 of Harpur Palate. Selections of 12.2 will be viewable very soon from our Archives page, so check back to read Jackie's poem as well as many others, including our contest winners!

May 1, 2013

Undergraduate Creative Writing Contest Winners!

The results are in! The winner of the Spring 2013 Undergraduate Creative Writing Contest hosted by Harpur Palate is Micaela Ferguson, for her poem "Heaven."

Honorable mentions are:

Monica Gray, for her short story "Shooting Star."

Monica is a sophomore at Binghamton University, double majoring in psychology and English. She has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. She lives in Centerport, New York.

Thomas LaMonte, for his short story "Shrimp."

Thomas is a senior English major at Binghamton University. He is originally from Rochester, New York and plans to someday - when he can afford it - move to New York City. After graduation, Thomas hopes to break into the advertising industry as a copywriter.

Read Monica's story "Shooting Star" here. Look forward to Micaela's poem in an upcoming post!