Oct 7, 2013

Cover Artist Andrew Alexander

We are excited to publish the cover art of Andrew Alexander in our newest issue 13.1. In finding cover art for 13.1, we struggled to find an image that would reflect our Country Living Themed Issue. Andrew’s photograph depicts the nature beauty of the country, and our editors fell in love with it. We're sure you will, too.

Andrew was born on September 11, 1973 in Columbus, IN. He is a photographer from the Southside of Indianapolis. Growing up in the town of Edinburgh, Indiana, small town life gave him an appreciation for the simple things where time seemed to move a little slower. Nearby military base Camp Atterbury and accompanying Johnson County Park provided many escapes to where he ultimately fell in love with nature. As a teenager, he discovered photography which helped to steer him away from the destructive & rebellious path he was heading down. 

The viewfinder of his Pentax K1000 35mm camera drew him in to things he had never noticed before. Andrew’s unique style of photography was developed by discovering this “other world” of details by shooting from out-of-the-ordinary perspectives. He uses mostly natural lighting and often enjoys capturing the abandoned. He tends to let his camera tell a story from remnants left behind, where once an entire family or workforce thrived, or where cities and life once prospered but is now gone. The strangely beautiful patterns and shapes that naturally occur is what attracts his eye. Rust or patina on old metal. The swirls of moss. Peeling, chipping paint. The familiar lines and curves of an old vintage car or truck. Unique statues standing guard over weathered headstones. Driving the winding back roads, he is drawn to worn-down barns, windmills, and farms to capture their likeness before they vanish making way for modern progress. 

Issue 13.1 cover art from Andrew Alexander

While Andrew shoots many scenes in nature, he also sees the enticement of people “left behind” as well. The lonely homeless person who seems lost in the buzz of the city. Andrew uses his God given talent to freeze moments in time that move him, so that others can enjoy their beauty as well. 

He is mostly self-taught in photography but was and still is inspired by the landscapes of Ansel Adams, Peter Lik, Clyde Butcher & local Indiana photographer Darryl D. Jones. Other influences include portraits by Annie Liebovitz, Yousuf Karsh and also war journalism by Endre Friedman aka "Robert Capa" among many others. To him, it's really pretty simple. Life is beautiful. Andrew lives with his wife, Joy, and their two children, Casper and Sierra in Greenwood, IN.

Andrew's other work can be seen here, here, and here. Check him out!

You can contact Andrew at otbp.photo@yahoo.com (or) 317-439-6081.