Sep 16, 2014

14.1 Cover Artist Meredith Britt

We are so thrilled to have Meredith Britt's artwork for issue 14.1. Isn't it gorgeous?

Meredith Britt, "The Horses Return to Vaughn"

More about Britt in her own words:

I make art because it feels good and I don't know what else to do.

Painting, drawing, sculpting and making cut-paper collages occupies some of my creative energy. I’ve always done artwork, and I have made it my main focus. I have a bachelors in fine art from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I learn a lot about art just doing it. It's fulfilling, luxurious and necessary.

I was raised by yard gnomes under a tall train trestle in southern France who grew squash and beans in their back yard and studied Chekhov by candlelight. They taught me to speak, but I only remember a few words. Amoeba. Acupuncture. Anomalies. We didn't get past the As. I was a picky eater so they fed me pop tarts. I began making self-portraits from shiny objects, and wrote the pop tart cookbook, which is out of print.

Then one day a passing stranger in a donkey cart gave me a lift to the art supply store. I began to draw and paint. I took up finger puppets. People came from miles around. From that day on I worked backwards, carefully careless. I became the president of Harvard and ambassador to the U.N. Now I am in the witness protection program in Las Vegas, N.M., where I decorate pop tart wrappers and run a hostel for yard gnomes.

Long ago I lived in New York, Chicago, Westcliffe, Colo., Big Sandy, Mont., New Orleans, Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Kansas City, Ouray, Utah, St. Louis, Concord, Fla., and Rye, Colo.

Sunlight, the sky, other artists and their work, and my own art give me inspiration. My socks don't match. I’m a pretty good writer. I don’t make much money at that. This is an excerpt from my novel. No, wait – no, it isn't.

Britt is also part-owner of El Zocalo, a cooperative art gallery found in Las Vegas, New Mexico. They have a great website HERE, and a blog HERE.

Meredith Britt with sample artwork

Britt's artwork is sharp, fresh, and unique. "Horses Return to Vaughn" is a bright work of cut paper and we are proud to feature it on our issue. You can find more about her work at El Zocalo on Facebook!

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