Feb 10, 2015

14.2 Cover Artist Matt Kish

Our excellent new issue is here, and it looks great thanks to our cover artist Matt Kish.

Matt Kish's "64 Queequegs: Queequeg #15: The Hunter"

The cover art for each issue sets the tone for readers - the Queequeg depicted here is at once whimsical and poignant, quirky and subdued. We hope you find the work inside as creative and unique.

Matt Kish is a self-taught artist who has also enjoyed stints as a groundskeeper, a DJ in a strip club, a bookseller, and a high school English teacher. He is currently a librarian in Ohio where he lives with his wife, their two frogs, and entirely too many books.

Kish's work is clever and we are grateful to have "Queequeg #15" as our cover art. Check out Kish's blog, his Tumblr, his Facebook, and his Twitter to see more of his work!

Meanwhile, head over to our Submittable page and purchase a subscription to get a copy of this lovely issue! While you're at it, submit some work yourself. Read our guidelines here.

Our contest winners will be announced later this week!