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Milton Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry

Harpur Palate Prize for Creative Nonfiction

Fiction Selections
Brandon Bell- 'Mr. Zebra Man'
Maria D'Alessandro- 'Us and Them'
Cover Art by Matt Kish

Brad Felver- 'Patriots'
Dylan Henderson- 'Vacant'
Larry Wormington- 'Keyhole'

Creative Nonfiction Selections
Patricia Horvath- 'Gluttony'
Richard Prins- 'Devil Got My Woman'

Poetry Selections
Carol Berg- 'Her Pregnancy Dreams'
Conor Bracken- 'The Girl with the Black Crayon'
Callista Buchen- 'To Hide'
Jimmie Cumbie- 'Making Arrangements'
Kwame Dawes- 'Celebrity,' 'Trumpet'
Hannah Dow- 'A Jail'
Jeff Ewing- 'Cape Breton Manifesto,' 'Sic Transit'
Joseph Holt- 'Silver & Black Hole'
Lesley Jenike- 'A Mother Gives Birth to Someone Who Won't Last'
M.P. Jones IV- 'Funeral Games,' 'A Genealogy of Science'
Christopher Kempf- 'Dominion,' 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas'
Michael Lauchlan- 'Without My Body'
Mercedes Lawry- 'I implore the bat'
Ruth Madievsky- 'Cactus,' 'Tiny Shotgun'
Hugh Martin- 'After Running in the Dark,' 'Letter to Lieutenant Owen From The Twenty-First Century'
Danielle Mitchell- 'My Brother in the Future,' 'Self Portrait as a Small World'
Michael Pontacoloni- 'Like Quills Upon the Fretful'
Nicole Rollender- 'How to Talk to Your Dead Mother'
Wendy Scott- 'Mary's Other Song'
Noel Sloboda- 'The Patron Saint of Commuters'
Chris Speckman- 'PSA for White American Men Who Listen to Hip Hop,' 'Stamina'
Ty Stumpf- 'Oma'
Bob Watts- 'The Work I Do'
Charles Harper Webb- 'Custer's Last Hand-Stand,' 'Warthog Podiatry'


John Gardner Memorial Prize in Fiction

Fiction Selections
Kashana Cauley- 'Basil, Lemons, and Blood'
Anna Gates Ha- 'The Abalone Diver'
Landon Houle- 'To My Husband's Old Girlfriend Whose Photograph I Slide Into An Album'
Keith Lesmeister- 'Blood Trail'
Joe Neal- 'Rooms are Subject to Inspection At Any Given Time'
Casey Pycior- 'Where I Am and Where I Need to Go'

Cover Art by Meredith Britt

Nonfiction Selections
Devin Latham- 'Swailing'
Caleb Powell- 'Pork'

Poetry Selections
Julie Babcock- 'The First Call'
Ray Gonzalez- 'I was Hungry for the Secrets of the Sadistic Fish'
Rochelle Hurt- 'Self-Portrait in Accident, Maryland'
Major Jackson- 'Reverse Voyage'
M.P. Jones IV- 'Fish Tale,' 'To the Liquor Store with Hayden Carruth'
Rob MacDonald- 'Puritan Roots'
Michelle Menting- 'First Snow Aubade'
Kathryn Nurenberger- 'About Derrida, If You're Into That,' 'More Experiments with the Mysterious Property of Animal Magnetism (1769)'
William Palmer- 'Practice Smiling'
Janelle Rainer- 'Ode to My Ribcage'
Jim Reese- 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' 'Man's Four Biggest Fears,' 'Potatoes are in the Dryer'
Emily Schulten- 'Annointing of the Sick'
M.A. Vizsolyi- 'I Like it Here in America'
Charles Harper Webb- 'Building a Turtle,' 'Snails'


Milton Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry

Harpur Palate Prize for Creative Nonfiction

Fiction Selections
Ben Black- 'Describing the Scenery', 'Let's Get Run Over'
Michael Chaney- 'I Broke It Rollerskating'
John Gifford- 'This Is Why We're Going'
Caitlin McGuire- 'Centralia, Pennsylvania'
Lindsay Merbaum- 'Lemon Tree'
Devin Murphy- 'Controlled Burn'
Dennis James Sweeney- 'Selections from Not Easy to Buy a Bus Ticket'
Cover Art by Deanna Dorangrichia

Nonfiction Selections
David Bersell- 'Bodies'
Anthony Spinner- 'Trouble'

Poetry Selections
Holly Burnside- 'Women Shall Teach Women'
Liz N. Clift- 'Elasticity'
George Drew- 'They Miss You, Georgiana Willard'
Ricky Garni- 'Let Me Tell You', 'Cologne of the Greats'
Chris Huag- 'Denver International', '6 a.m. Mona Lisa', 'Reading Metamorphoses'
Ivan Hobson- 'With Dad'
Erin Hoover- 'We See Into the Life of Things'
Austin Kodra- 'Cello, 8th Grade'
Adam Lambert- 'Rahab'
Richard Luftig- 'Love Letter', 'Figure/Ground'
M. G. Moscato- '(Poor) Roger Maris, 1964 Topps'
Jacob Newberry- 'Judas'
John A. Nieves- Jarilo (Moonlit)'
David O'Connell- 'Skeleton'
Andrea O'Rourke- 'Limp Saints'
Jacob Oet- 'Death is Boring'
Peter Sears- 'Borneo', 'Petals', 'Dear Giant Squid #2', 'The Old Woods'
Carrie Shipers- 'Dear Hospital,'
Sara Wallace- 'White Gold'


John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction

Fiction Selections
Lauri Anderson Alford- 'The Essentials'
Christopher Linforth- 'Summer Grass, Winter Worm'
J. David Stevens- 'Update'
J.A. Tyler- 'Our Mother, Our Ghost'
Cover Art by Andrew Alexander

Nonfiction Selections
Jean Harper- 'Neighbors'
Amelia Urry- 'Hydraulic Action'

Poetry Selections
Joe Allegretti- 'A Porch Light On A Late Summer Eve'
Jennifer Jackson Berry- 'I Lost Our Baby'
Karina Borowicz- 'Farmer's Bees'
Carol V. Davis- 'Animal Time'
Gary Fincke- 'Quagmire'
Maureen Tolman Flannery- 'Working the Odds'
J. Bruce Fuller- 'Alone in the Briar Thicket' and 'God in the Season of Bees'
George Guida- 'The Long Valley'
JoeAnn Hart- 'Winter Burial'
Paul Hlava- 'Ornithology' and 'Zen Wrench'
Michael Jones- 'Troubleshooting'
Melanie McCabe- 'She Fled', "At the Historial Society', 'Spaghetti Dinner'
Beth McDermott- 'Pink Remnant'
Tyler Mills- 'On Scalping'
Thomas Moore- 'Saving Nails'
Katie Darby Mullins- 'Fishing', 'Million Dollar Rain'
Robert Peake- 'Country Walk', 'The Landscape Painting'
Colin Pope- 'In Your Bathroom', 'In Which an Old Woman Bakes Her Funeral Pie'
Wesley Rothmann- 'Immolation'
David Rutiezer- 'Gypsy Moth Caterpillars'
F. Daniel Rzicznek- 'Dear Aldo Leopold'
Lizzy Star- 'Excursion'
Karen Weyant- 'Why There Are Still Girls Who Wash Their Hair in Beer'


Milton Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry

Harpur Palate Prize for Creative Nonfiction

Poetry Selections:
Nin Andrews - 'The Difference Between One Orgasm and Another,' 'Against Amnesia'
Dylan Bargteil - 'My Belly Is the
Softest Dream I Have'
J. Bradley - 'The Hands Strike Five'
Meg Cowen - 'If This Were Appalachia and 1929,
We'd Still Be a Couple of Moody Bastards'
Andrew England - 'Central Illinois Takes Inventory'
Cover Art by Brian Keeler

Suzanne Marie Hopcroft - 'Common Goods,' 'Séance on Waterman Street'
Holly Karapetkova - 'Rain,' 'The Story of My Father'
Cody Lumpkin - 'Newborn in Zion National Park'
Chris Mink - 'Historic District'
Travis Mossotti - 'Manatees and Swamp Rats'
Isaac Pressnell - 'After Loss, a Certain Train'
Emily Schulten - 'Offering'
Matt Sumpter - 'Totem at Mirror Lake,'
'Elegy for a School Bus Driver'
William Walsh - 'Spoon River in Uganda'
Theodora Ziolkowski - 'Listen,' 'Tokens'

Creative Nonfiction Selections:
Maia Evrona - 'The Foghorn Cough'
Robert Hargreaves - 'The Wild Ducks of Venice'

Fiction Selections:
Molly Faerber - 'Core'
Jason M. Jones - 'Requiem'
Alexandra Salerno - 'Double'
Tina Tocco - 'Family Planning'
Alexandra Todak - 'Found'
Patrick Vincent Welsh - 'Wraith Work'
Sean White - 'Something Like an Aubade'
Joe Wilkins - 'Like Bread the Light'



John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction
Poetry Selections:
Judy Bebelaar – ‘Another Country’
Brad Bisio – ‘Suicide Mission’
Mark Jay Brewin Jr. – ‘A Borrowed Childhood Memory NYC’
Anhvu Buchanan – ‘Ball and Chain’
Joshua Butts – ‘Love as a Postscript’
Allison Campbell – ‘&’
Doug Paul Case – ‘July 23, 2011’
Sean Thomas Dougherty – ‘Song for My Father’
Emily Janowick – ‘Cache in Coney Island’
Sara Uribe – ‘Diluvio,’ ‘Deluge’ (translated by Toshiya Kamei)
Jenna Le – ‘Riddle’
Brenna Lemieux – ‘Departures’
Lyn Lifshin – ‘In a Breeze of Dates and Olives 4000 Years BC,’ ‘Enheduanna,’ ‘I think Enheduanna’s Words’
Cover Art by Drew Mosley
Brandi Martin – ‘Proposition | In Which the Heroine Wears Thigh High Boots from Rick’s Toy Box’
Ann Minoff – ‘Bones’
Devon Moore – ‘Why I Return to West Avenue, Driving Down the Street Slow,’ ‘The Skeleton Pier’
Allyson Paty – ‘Score for Likeness’
Alison Pelegrin – ‘Assault F-150’
Nina Puro – ‘Bare Life,’ ‘Underpainting’
Lana Rakhman – ‘In Russian, the Name for Wolf is Volk’
Katharine Rauk – ‘Surround Sound’
Noel Sloboda – ‘Yoko Sugiyama’
George Such – ‘Homemaking’
Lee Upton – ‘Gertrude Stein as The White Rabbit Visits Colette,’ ‘Calm Down’
YB Nicholas Wong – ‘Meditations on Species in a Train Cab’
Felicia Zamora – ‘Quiet Poems’

Creative Nonfiction Selections:
J.A. Bernstein – ‘In Josaphat’s Valley’
Fiction Selections:
Lena Bertone – 'The Magician'
Joseph Celizic – ‘The Sooner’s Son’
Jaydn DeWald – ‘Variation on a Fable’
John Gritton – ‘The Sleep Room’
Michele Ruby – ‘Ah, No Choo’


Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry 

Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry Finalist
Molly Sutton Keifer – ‘Albatross’

Michael Baccam – ‘You are a Giant, you think'
Matthew Baker – 'The Misfortune That Summer'
Julian Darragiati – ‘You Don’t Even Deserve That Gum’
Christian Michener – ‘The Strongest Thing in the World’
James O’Brien – ‘Shelter’
Carolyn Watson – 'Pause Between Acts'

Creative Nonfiction Selections
Eli Connaughton – ‘Minor Things’
Lisa Nikolidakis – ‘Wild Life’
Michael Baccam – ‘You are a Giant, you think'
Cover Art by Jennifer Campbell-Smith

Poetry Selections
Nin Andrews – ‘Three Dancing Girls,’ ‘The Real Story of Spider-Man’
Sandy Anderson – ‘Letter to the Hailstones Striking on the Roof’
Elizabeth Barnett – ‘Story,’ ‘Lesson’
A.M. Brant – ‘Would You,’ ‘Mother – First Room’
Taylor Collier – ‘The Morning After Our Last Trip' 
Jaclyn Dwyer – ‘Five Tattoos,’ ‘Return to Na,’
Brian Fanelli – ‘After Work’
Anthony Frame – ‘Love Poem With Calloused Hands’ ‘The Man with No Pants at the Blue Oyster Cult Concert’
Paul French – ‘Surf’
Judy Halebsky – ‘Food from Paradise’
Jermaine Harmon – ‘Standing Room Only’
Adam Houle – ‘Toward the Eastern Seaboard’
Gina Keicher – ‘Trades’
Victoria Kelly – ‘The Funeral’
David Lehman – ‘A Day in the Life,’ ‘Criticism is Death,’ ‘Thunder in Umbria’ 
Michael Marberry – ‘Love Poem’
Kevin McCoy – ‘Missoula in the Moonlight,’ ‘A Note From the Editor – Please Do Not Send Us Any Poems with Excessive Use of the Word “I”’
Jesse Minkert – ‘Earth Like an Open Mouth’
Glenn Shaheen – ‘Audio Cassette Bough from Goodwill Marked “Kelly”’
Mitch Sisskind – ‘Joe Adamcyzk’
Ephraim Scott Sommers – ‘Watching the Village’
Seth Tucker – ‘Bayou,’ ‘Godot’s Underpants’
Marty Walsh – ‘God Doesn’t Go by that Name’
Robert Wood – ‘Praying at the Hour of the Ox’
Theodora Ziolkowski – ‘Pigs’


John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction

Poetry Selections
Sherman Alexie – ‘Crow Justice,’ ‘Landscape,’ ‘Marital Love,’ ‘Ten Little Indian Boys,’ ‘Digital Literature,’
Christopher Ankney – ‘To the Housepainter,’ ‘Miscarriages,’
Michelle Chan Brown – ‘Compound,’ ‘Enemy,’ ‘Dependency,’
Lisa Fay Coutley – ‘Chicken Soup,’
John Davis – ‘The Visit,’
Joseph Engel – ‘Holding the Line,’
Rebecca Faught – ‘Systemic Syndrome,’
Chelsea Henderson – ‘Three Sestets,’ ‘Portrait of a Laryngologist,’ ‘Spill,’
Brain Patrick Heston – ‘Rasputin Dating,’
Sean Patrick Hill – ‘1972,’
Amorak Huey – ‘April Fools in Love,’
John James – ‘Years I’ve Slept Right Through,’ ‘Fever Dream,’
Katharyn Howd Machan – ‘More Words After My Brother’s Suicide,’
Al Maginnes – ‘Laughter’s Last Chance,’
Lincoln Michel – ‘Drift Ice in the Foreground,’
Christopher Munde – ‘Men,’
William Neumire – ‘Wake,’ ‘Beached Pilot Whale,’
John Nieves – ‘What do you,’
Doug Ramspeck – ‘Last Year,’ ‘The Big Picture,’
Faisal Siddiqui – ‘Sufism,’
Karen Eileen Sisk – ‘Under the Bridge,’
Mark Wagenaar – ‘Other Equations for Velocity,’
Sara Watson – ‘Moving In,’
Jennifer Yuill – ‘Misfortune,’

Creative Nonfiction Selections
Jesse Goulsby – ‘Whole Life,’
Jacob Newberry – ‘December at Zion,’ ‘A Word Before You Go,’

Fiction Selections
Katie Cortese – ‘Paula’s Old Tyme Pirate Photos,’
Marian Crotty – ‘Concessions,’
Christen Enos – ‘Blue,’
Frances Gonzalez – ‘The Cortege,’
Tim Jones-Yelvington – ‘Derrick Mickelson’s Cuddle Bed for Wayward Boys,’

Underground Theme Selections 
Karina Borowicz – ‘Sanctuary,’
Jan Bottiglieri – ‘The Worst Gift I ever Got was a Grave,’
Annah Browning – ‘Flat Hills,’
Anna Catone – ‘The Cave,’ ‘I Wake Up in the Boat,’ ‘Open Window,’
Jeongre Choi – ‘The Whale Sashimi Restaurant,’ ‘Intent on Forgetting the Body,’ ‘Room,’
Kyle Churney – ‘Sunday: New York Subway,’
Will Cordeiro – ‘Terminal,’
Gretchen Fletcher – ‘Freak Show,’
Joshua Gottlieb-Miller – ‘Begins Again,’ ‘burial rights,’
Kent Johnson – ‘It Tears me Down,’ ‘Poem ending on a Line by WCW from a Letter to Byron Vazakas,’ ‘End the War on Terror,’
Kristine Ong Muslim – ‘Punks,’
Mohammed Atif Slim – ‘Calling you by your Name,’ ‘Tunnel Vision,’ ‘The bear mother’s lullaby,’
Gabriel Spira – ‘The Forsaken Cry,’ ‘The Community,’
D.E. Steward – ‘Marcot,’
Cody Todd – ‘from Graffiti Signatures,’
Kevin Vaughn – ‘A Dozen Ways of Looking at the Pit on Boulevard.’


Cover Design by Matthew Burns
Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry
Bipin Aurora – ‘A Small Market,’
Kate Blakinger – 'Tracks,'
Randall Brown – 'Now Thats a Sign,'
Peter Grimes – 'Transplant,'
Edward Adams – ‘Détente,’ ‘Double X,’
Ryan J. Browne – ‘Let them fall hard like fruit,’
Chris Bullard – ‘Report on the Class Trip,’
Kara Dorris – ‘Digging Ditches,’
Andrey Gritsman – ‘Moscow Cinema,’ ‘Conversion,’
Alec Hershman – ‘Leaving Home,’
Susan H. Maurer – ‘Diallo, Amaduo?’ ‘Ruby Beets,’
Carolyn Moore – ‘Following NATO Air Strikes, the Seven Deadly Sins,’
Travis Mossotti – ‘Sidewalk Superman,’ ‘Somewhere in Illinois,’
Mark Neely – ‘Katherine the Great,’ ‘Same Old Spectacle,’
Jack Ridl – ‘Listening to Chopin in Early Winter,'
Rochelle Jewel Shapiro – ‘Rings,’
David Starkey – ‘Honeymoon,’
Wanling Su – ‘Into the Gaslight,’ ‘Portraits of Women,’ 
Robert J. Tillett – ‘Recovery Team,’
Sara Tracey – ‘Weathervane,’
William Varner – ‘Once More “The Song Remains the Same”,’
Thom Ward – ‘And Once Again We Fetch,’
Catherine Woodard – 'For Not Playing Dead,'


Cover Art by Bill Plympton
John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction

Fiction Selections:
Jessamyn Hope – ‘King and Balloon,’
Andy Jameson – ‘The Distances Wear on You,’
Michael Koenig – ‘Bow and String,’
Keith Meatto – ‘Nadia,’ 
E.G. Silverman – ‘Select All,’

Poetry Selections:
Michael Cadnum – ‘Sheeps Head on a Plate,’
Nathaniel Bishop – ‘Cordage,’
Susan Briante – ‘Excerpts from Ghost Numbers,’
Michael Burkard – ‘Evening Bird,’ ‘Means to an End,’ ‘Placing the Speaker In Relation to the Person Being,’
Rob Carney – ‘When They’d Gotten the Bear in the Cage,’
Diya Chaudhuri – ‘Wildcard,’
Heather Christle – ‘Wallpaper Everywhere Even the Ceiling,’
Stephanie Coyne DeGhett – ‘The U.S. Geological Survey as Fortune Teller,’
Weston Cutter – ‘In the Movie Version We’ll All Be Computer Animated,’
Meredith Davies Hadaway – ‘Why the River,’
Norman Dubie – ‘Untitled for Christopher Burawa,’ ‘On a Plain of Jars,’
Terry Godbey – ‘Silver Anniversary,’
Kate Hanson Foster – ‘Major’s,’
Heidi Hart – ‘In Two,’
Kathleen Hellen – ‘Diamond Life,’
Stephanie Kartalopoulos – ‘Funeral Song,’
Nick Lantz – ‘How to Properly Fold and Insert a Letter into an Envelope,’ ‘How Not to Always Talk About the Same Things,’ ‘How to Walk on a Lake Path at Night,’ 
Michael Levan – ‘To my Infant Son Crawling for the First Time,’
Lyn Lifshin – ‘Not Thinking It Was So with Yellow Flowers,’
Errol Miller – ‘A Rose from Yesterday,’
Anthony Opal – ‘corpus christi,’
Lynn Pattison – ‘Amtrak: East, to Chicago,’
Simon Perchick – ‘*,’
Alice Pero – ‘Reading the Signs,’ ‘Empty Spaces,’
Alita Pirkopf – ‘What We Look at Now,’
Doug Ramspeck – ‘Green Ash,’
Justin Runge – ‘On My Knees,’
Jason Schossler – ‘Lavatory,’
Tina Schumann – ‘Autumn,’
Samuel Stenger Renken – ‘General Lee,’
Tricia Taaca – ‘Self-Portrait from the Avian Answer-Key to Test Questions,’
Toni Thomas – ‘Everyone Wanted Carnations That Year,’
Sara Tracey – ‘Donny Takes a Night Class,’
Karen J. Weyant – ‘Ways of Writing About Rust,’


Cover Art by Paul Rogers
Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry 

Fiction Selections:
Darryl Crawford – ‘Par Terre,’
Patrick Crerand – ‘The Legend of Dutchy the Chicken,’
Jason DeYoung – ‘I, Lance,’
Jaquira Diaz – ‘Normandy Park,’
Jennifer D. Munro – ‘Off the Road,’
Tim Hedges – ‘The Lizard Man of Logan County,’

Poetry Selections:
Kimberly Quiogue Andrews – ‘On Cold, On Green,’
Amy Ash – ‘Why We Will Not Have Children,’
Cynthia Atkins – ‘Family Therapy IV,’
Kaveh Bassiri – ‘Etymology of Questions,’
F.J. Bergmann – ‘Vague Concept,’ ‘Terminus,’
Jaime Brunton – ‘Poem Beginning with a Line from Lorca,’
Adam Clay – ‘A Tornado of Nothing,’
Christina Cook – ‘Blind Minotaur Guided by Birds,’
Phil Estes – ‘In Australia, State Funerals…’
Mary Beth Ferda – ‘Rose,’
Rebecca Morgan Frank – ‘Remains,’
Brandi George – ‘Sonnets to my Father,’
Arthur Gottlieb – ‘Angels,’
Robert H. Guard – ‘Vatayanasana,’
Michael Hall – ‘Evening Sky of Frontier,’
Jenny Hanning – ‘Fourth of July,’
William A. Henkin – ‘Eating His Girlfriend’s Foot,’
Michael Jenkins – ‘You're A Pearl,’
Jill McCabe Johnson – ‘Rockabilly Muchachos Street Brawl,’
Ellen LaFleche – ‘Opening Day,’
R.J. Lambert – ‘Pacific Solitaire,’ ‘Yearlong abroad,’ ‘Probable Robin,’
Cynthia Lowen – ‘Love Story or What Polar Bears Know,’
Linda Lancione Moyer – ‘Travel,’
Travis Mossotti – ‘I Watched Her Going into a Gas Station,’
Nikoletta Nousiopoulos – ‘St. Stephan,’
Jennifer Perrine – ‘Aubade,’
Romy Ruukel – ‘Arrivals Gate,’
Emily Scudder – ‘In His Sleep,’
Brooke Sheridan – ‘Water,’
Theresa D. Smith – ‘Queen of Spade,’
Bonnie Stanard – ‘The Wasp & the Fig,’
Mark Wagenaar – ‘Elegy with Two Lemons,’
Stephen Lloyd Webber – ‘Her Grave,’
Jonathan Wells – ‘The Future,’
Marcus Wicker – ‘Love Letter to RuPaul,’
Lindsay Wilson – ‘Wasp in a Trap,’


Cover Photography by Ryan Beckman
John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction

Fiction Selections:
Kate Bullard Adams – ‘Face Time,’
Steve Calamars – ‘The Lump,’
JoAnn Balingit – ‘The Pitch,’
Ivan Faute – ‘Expectation,’ ‘Something That I Do While I Wait For,’
Leah Freiwald – ‘Love the Shape You’re In,’
Kathie Giorgio – ‘Tomato,’
Kevin Haworth – ‘In Response to the Question, Asked at a Party, “Do You Wish That You Had Waited Longer To Have Children?”’
Jennifer A. Howard – ‘Flock,’ ‘Spark,’ ‘Though Bob Eubanks is Still Alive and Kicking,’
Kaja Katamay – ‘Shoulder,’
Alex Lemon – ‘Down the Line,’  
Lou Mathews – ‘Tortilla,’
Monica McFawn – ‘Still Good,’ 
Sharon McGill – ‘Rorschach,’
Keith Meatto – ‘Derek,’ ‘Manheim,’
Henry Presente – ‘Last Day on the Job,’ 
Scott Provence – ‘Apology,’ ‘Whatever You’re Not Out Of,’
Marvin Shackelford – ‘Moonwalk,’ ‘Sputnik on the Dance Floor Learns of Lobsterboy’s Demise,’
David Yost – ‘Nunavut,’

Creative Nonfiction Selections:
Alex Lemon – ‘Ice Trays,’ 
Todd Richardson – ‘On Target,’

Poetry Selections:
Sherman Alexie – ‘Traveling,’
Jeffery Berg – ‘1974,'
David Appelbaum – ‘In No Wise: a Memoriam,’
Rob Carney – ‘Just Once I’d Like to Sneak up on the Wind—,’
Kerry James Evans – ‘A Treatise on Violence,’
Gary Fincke – ‘You Know,’
Dennis Finnell – ‘Best Wishes, or Sortes Bushinae,’
Rachel Contreni Flynn – ‘Buzzard,’
Elton Glaser – ‘Seven Strolls without a Map,’
Charles Grosel – ‘Tomboy: Danger to Self and Others,’
Stephen Knauth – ‘Steele Creek Journal,’
Alex Lemon – ‘Verde Vista,’
Brandon Lewis – ‘The Door Peninsula,’
gary lundy – ‘pete rose and a bottle of cheap merlot,’
M – ‘Awake (1969),’
Clay Matthews – ‘Truckstop Reliquary,’
Matt Mullins – ‘Kitten Survivse Wood Chipper/Severed Pig’s Head Thrown into Mosque,’
Peter Munro – ‘So Tempting She Cannot Stop,’ 
Maria Nazos – ‘Advice to Joe’s New Girlfriend from the Ghosts of Loverse Past,’
Dean Rader – ‘Arvo Part at Twilight,’
Liz Robbins – ‘Poem with Bathtub, Foils,’
Anis Shivani – ‘The Essential Salvador Dali,’
Jeff Simpson – ‘If You Ain’t Got the Do Re Mi,’
Liliana Ursu – ‘Secret Journey (translated by the poet, Adam J. Sorkin, and Tess Gallagher),’
Joe Wilkins – ‘An Ode for Leaving the Place You Call Home,'


Cover Photography by John Baird
Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry

Fiction Selections:
Erin Lynn Cook – ‘Summer Night Breeze, 1976,’
Kathleen Donohoe – ‘Dance With Her,’
Mathew Goldberg – ‘Cousin,’
Kymberly Keaton – ‘Why I Can't Buy Drugs in Alachua County,’
Paul R. Lilly, Jr. – ‘Want Ad,'
Lucas Southworth – ‘Under The World,’ 

Poetry Selections:
Jackie Bartley – ‘Red Delicious,’
Christopher Citro – ‘I Never Intend To, How ‘Bout You?’
Jessica Cuello – ‘The Mushroom,’
Nik De Dominic – ‘Forgiveness, Arkansas 1895,’
Sarah J. Den Boer – ‘They Said It Was Inevitable,’
Alex Dimitrov – ‘The Crucifix,’
Susan Dworski Nusbaum – ‘Learning the Language,’
Kerry James Evans – ‘Soldier’s Apology,’
Marcene Gandolfo – ‘A Tide,’ ‘The Flames,’
Rodney Gomez – ‘What Happened to Fire,’
Alen Hamza – ‘Letter to a Vacuum,’
Jenny Hanning – ‘Fragile,’
Jared Harel – ‘After the War,’
Chris Haven – ‘Clingstone Peaches,’ ‘Love Left Over,’
Matthew Hotham – ‘Poem to the Communication Satellites,’
Heather Kirn – ‘Shunryn’s Bells,’
Christian Knoeller – ‘Wisconsin Gothic,’
Jane Langley – ‘Rondo,’
Katharyn Howd Machan – ‘Salvation Army,’
Charlie Malone – ‘Dead Letters,’
Melanie McCabe – ‘Sidebar,’
Laura McCullough – ‘Circle, Line,’
Claire McQuerry – ‘Cassiopeia,’
Jack Miller – ‘National Nothing Day,’
Greg Nicholl – ‘At Night with the Dead,’
C.E. Perry – ‘Supplicant,’
Jack Ridl – ‘It's Hard to Know Where to Begin,’ 
Biman Roy – ‘Pulse,’
Kerry Ruef – ‘The Fence,’
Brynne Saito – ‘Trembling on the Brink of a Mesquite Tree,’
Sarah Seybold – ‘Snow Water,’
Centa Theresa – ‘Wingless,’ ‘Without Praise,’
Gabriel Welsch – ‘On Freaking Out,’
Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde – ‘At First Sight (A Cardinal Number),’


Cover Art by Carles Eldred
Art courtesy of Binghamton University Art Museum.

John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction

Fiction Selections: 
Blake Butler – ‘Tour of the Drowned Neighborhood,’
T.J. Forrester – ‘Black Heart on the Appalachin Trail,’
Jenny Hanning – ‘Squander,’
Dave Peters – ‘Morocco,’
Sinduja Sathiyaseelan – ‘Playing Princess,’

Creative Nonfiction Selections:

Poetry Selections:
Salvadore Attardo – ‘Three Questions About the Shape of Silence,’ ‘Stranger Here, Myself,’
Wendy Barker – ‘K Crucis Cluster,’
Joseph J. Capista – ‘Before the Wildfire,’
Patrick Carrington – ‘Candy,’ ‘The Recipe for Sad Dotage,’
Sandra M. Castillo – ‘Eating Moors and Christians,’
Jona Colson – ‘A Sea So Quiet,’ ‘My Mother’s Hands,’
Jim Daniels – ‘Lush,’ ‘Birth Marks,’
Sharon Doyle – ‘Prime Cut in Synchrony at the Pre-Recording Session,’
Denise Duhamel – ‘A Poem On My Forty-Sixth Birthday,’
Elizabeth Fogle – ‘When the House Cramps in on Us and Your Black and White Cat,’
Rebecca Givens – ‘The Patients’ Swallows Seen on the X-Ray,’
Jessica Goodfellow – ‘Kimono,’
Michael Homolka – ‘Certainty,’
W. Todd Kaneko – ‘Aquarium,’
Sara Kaplan – ‘The Lady Without a Dog,’
Micah Ling – ‘Proposal,’
Ron McFarland – ‘War Games,’
Devon Miller-Duggan – ‘Ariel’s Daughter,’
Rumit Pancholi – ‘The Elegist,’ ‘Spaces of Art,’
Phoebe Reeves – ‘Visiting Home,’
Brian Russell – ‘All the Ornaments of Celebration,’ ‘Our Great Cities,’
Amy Bracken Sparks – ‘After Dancing at Swanky’s We Drive to Tennessee,’ ‘Bees are the Smallest Birds and Born from the Bodies of Oxen,’
John T. Trigonis – ‘Old ’89,’
Jared Walls – ‘President’s Day,’


Cover Art by R. Rene Branca
Art by Leslie & Kirk Van Zandbergen, Ellen Warfield. 

Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry

Fiction Selections:
David Cameron – ‘Necessary Conversations,’
Andrew Coburn – ‘The Chief’s Seed,’
Viet Dinh – ‘Your Five Day Accu-Weather Forecast,’
Andrea Lewis – ‘What My Last Man Did,’
Asha Vose – ‘Vietnam Visits Uncle Bill,’
Alexi Zentner – ‘Attack of the 49 ½ Ft. Woman,’

Poetry Selections:
Vidhu Aggarwal – ‘Marlene Dietrich 2007,’
Maurren Alsop – ‘Accidental Sea,’
Scott Bailey – ‘Why Should I Stand for Jesus,’
Bruce Bennett – ‘ Slow Finale,’
Traci Brimhall – ‘Dressing Heads,’ ‘To the Snapping Turtle We Killed in July,’ ‘Margaret Garner Explains It to her Daughter,’Michelle Brooks – ‘Any Kind of Death,’Jennifer Chapis – ‘Anywhere,’ ‘Women Without Eyes,’Tom Christopher – ‘Historia (I),’ ‘Historia (II),’Karla Clark – ‘Long Marriage 13,’Colby Galen Davis – ‘Science,’James Doyle – ‘Land of Lakes and Sky,’Tarfia Faizullah – ‘Alabama Pastoral,’
Christian Anton Gerard – ‘Digging a Hole,’
Miriam Bird Greenberg – ‘A Problem of Taxonomy,’
Christian Knoeller – ‘Natural History of Childhood,’ ‘Returning to Ano Nuevo,’
Jonette Larrew – ‘Ben Grimm in Retirement,’
Peter Layton – ‘Not Gold Songs,’
Chelle Miko – ‘The Art of Deception,’ ‘The Earth Fell from Under Because the Tree Was Cut,’
Keith Montesano – ‘Self-Portrait Ending with the Last Flight of the Body,’
Adam Pellegrini – ‘Sunday School,’
Eric Rawson – ‘Reliable Sources Tell Us,’
Jennie Ray – ‘You, Doctor Martin,’ ‘The Mikvah,’
Bram Shay – ‘On Being Tapped on the Foot by a Blind Man’s Stick,’
Carrie Shipers – ‘The American Resurrectionist,’ ‘The Nature of Coincidence in Northwestern Missouri,’
Josie Sigler – ‘First Cave,’
Susan Sindall – ‘Coydogs,’
Colby Cedar Smith – ‘The Seed,’ ‘Reunion,’
Jeanine Stevens – ‘Kosode (A Short-Sleeve Kimono),’
Jennifer Sullivan – ‘Van Gogh’s Asylum Days,’ ‘This Irish Summer,’
capuchina taylor – ‘Yes, it is dangerous to be two women,’
Cody Todd – ‘Handouts (from “Robbery at the Mint”),’
Sara Tracey – ‘Arbor Day,’
John T. Trigonis – ‘Pale Imitation of a Rusty Old Night Club Performer,’
Susan Varnot – ‘Eve Revisited,’
Julie Marie Wade – ‘Portrait of Loneliness as a Carousel in the Off-Season,’
Laurie White – ‘Gesture and Extremity Being Equal,’
Matt Zambito – ‘The Menstruating Men,’


Cover Art by Neil Dvorak
Art by Ed Jones and L. D. Schneider.

John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction

Fiction Selections:
Glenn Pourciau – ‘First Cup,’
Roger Sheffer – ‘Blood On My Shoes,’
Alice Stinetorf – ‘The Pancakes of Dan,’
Alex Wenger – ‘I Should Like to be Given Over,’

Creative Nonfiction Selections:
Elizabeth Wade Buckalew – ‘On Love,’

Poetry Selections:
O. Ayes – ‘Familiar ii and iii,’
Curtis Bauer – ‘Love Affair in the Pantry, Early ‘80s,’
Michelle Brooks – ‘Fantasy,’
Katie Cappello – ‘Miss Scarlett,’
Nick Courtright – ‘July,’
Elizabeth Crowell – ‘First Harvest,’
Lorene Delany-Ullman – ‘Misconception,’
James Doyle – ‘Making Biscuits on Corn-Husking Day,’
Angie Hogan – ‘Act II,’
Jessica Jewell – ‘So There Might Be Rain,’ ‘Cora May Hears of the Slaughter,’
Laura Johnson – ‘Her Filthy Plums,’ ‘Innocuous,’
Richard Jones – ‘The Apple,’
Richard Kostelanetz – ‘Short Novels,’
Bruce Lader – ‘Reverse Noir,’
Timothy Liu – ‘Land of Plenty,’
Fran Markover – ‘Fettuccine,’
Claire McQuerry – ‘Midnight Pancakes,’
Kristin Naca – ‘In the Time of the Caterpillars,’ ‘Baptism,’
T.A. Noonan – ‘Darjeeling,’
Arthur Plotnik – ‘The Menu Poet,’
Iain Haley Pollock – ‘Longing as Hoppin John,’
Kim Roberts – ‘My Imaginary Husband,’
Claudia Serea – ‘the ballad of Danny-The-Butcher,’
Glenn Sheldon – ‘Free Will,’
Maura Stanton – ‘Cloud Ears,’ ‘Greed,’ ‘Edward Lear’s Shopping List,’
Marcela Sulak – ‘Anorexia, With Chorus,’
Cole Swensen – ‘The Ghost,’
Jason Tandon – ‘Opening Night,’
Jeff Tigchelaar – ‘Late Snack,’
Julie Marie Wade – ‘For Supper,’
Thom Ward – ‘Breakfast,’


Cover Art by Bruce Wrighton
Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry

Fiction Selections:
Heather Caliri – ‘Falling,’
T.J. Forrester – ‘The Revolving Door,’
Charles Haverty – ‘The Troubles,’
Vanessa Russell – ‘Number Two,’
Benjamin Stein – ‘Ylena,’

Creative Nonfiction Selections:
Jill Christman – ‘The Allergy Diaries,’

Poetry Selections:
Mary Biddinger – ‘It’s All Too Much,’ ‘The New Math,’
J. Matthew Boyleston – ‘Cotton Field,’
Lisa Titus Caloro – ‘Camouflage,’
Chuck Carlise – ‘After Buying Lunch for a Girl My Age Who I Met on a Greyhound Bus an Hour Ago,’
Jeffrey Dodd – ‘Press Release,’ ‘Translator’s Note,’
James Doyle – ‘The Almond Tree,’
Jilly Dybka – ‘The Magician’s Tale,’
Madelyn Garner – ‘Schrodinger’s Cat,’
Jane Knechtel – ‘Holy,’
Patrick Lawler – ‘e(ye)-mail,’ ‘e(rotic)-mail,’
April Lindner – ‘Lobsters in the Attic,’
Casey Lord – ‘What’s On a Plate,’
Cynthia Grier Lotze – ‘How You Are Going to Save the World,’
Jennifer Merrifield –‘[Absent as if possessed as if not quite there],’
Kathie Morrison-Taylor – ‘Diagram of the Female Reproductive System, Translated,’
Julie Platt – ‘Carnegie Bridge,’
Derek Pollard – ‘There Was Something,’
John Pursley III – ‘“A Slogan Will Not Suffice,”’
Andrew Michael Roberts – ‘Orbital,’ ‘Love crushed us with its big death truck,’ ‘I am an important person,’
Sankar Roy – ‘The Goods Train Over the Tarentum Bridge,’
Joshua A. Ware – ‘XXIII, XL, XXIV,’
Erica Wright – ‘Marchen,’
Hai Zi – ‘Autumn,’ ‘Autumn (translated by Dan Murphy),


Cover Art by Joseph Hart
Art by Robert Kaussner, David Hamill, and Michael Sullivan Hart.

John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction

Fiction Selections:
Jacob M. Appel – ‘The Other Sister,’
Donald Francis – ‘Roof Line,’
Christine Grimes – ‘A Love Story,’
Tara Mantel – ‘These Woods,’
Amanda Nazario – ‘Biting My Arms Off,’

Poetry Selections:
Michele Battiste – ‘Gravel Language,’
Kate Beles – ‘My Grandmother’s Wedding Night or The Old Thresh and Gather,’
Martin Bidney – ‘De luventute Inexpspectata,’
James Capozzi – ‘Previsions of a Mandarin Mode,’
Matthew Colglazier – ‘Margin Shore,’
Daniel Connor – ‘A new song for johnny,’
Linda Dove – ‘The Hands of Fra Angelico,’
Farrah Field – ‘He’ll Have Surgery on his Brain in the Future,’
Jared Harel – ‘In the Bed, Bath and Beyond Basement—,’
Herb Kitson – ‘What Style Is,’
Jen Lamb – ‘what lay in the shells,’ ‘what birds plunge through is not intimate space,’
Alisha Laramee – ‘Prey,’
Clay Matthews – ‘Brand New State,’
Jennifer Merrifield – ‘Conspandamo, Artery and Eyelet,’
Sally Molini – ‘Armistice Day,’
Lori Anderson Moseman – ‘Canvas,’
Patricia O’Hara – ‘Winter Laundry,’
James Pate – ‘The Piano Downstairs,’ ‘Evening Travel,’
Simon Perchik – ‘*,’
Brett Eugene Ralph – ‘Donkey,’
Andrew Michael Roberts – ‘Killing Time,’
F. Daniel Rzicznek – ‘Thicket IV,’
Carrie Shipers – ‘View of Home,’ ‘Instructions for a Safe Return,’
Thom Ward – ‘First Born,’
Nancy White – ‘Ruth,’


Cover Art by Anthony Brunelli
Art by Otis Bardwell, Eric Cotts, Lawrence Lehman, Yan Xiang.

Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry
Amanda Auchter – ‘Dark Sky, White Sands, New Mexico, 1956,’

Fiction Selections:
Renee E. D’Aoust – ‘F[x] ¹ Love,’
Viet Dinh – ‘The Sexual Predator’s Handbook,’
Andrew Farkas – ‘Everything Under the Sunsphere,’
Anne Germanacos – ‘All the Men,’
Sarah Klenbort – ‘The Last Tasmanian,’
Matthew A. Ricke – ‘A Regular Paradise,’
Jaimee Wriston Colbert – ‘Excerpt from the Novel Shark Girls,’

Creative Nonfiction Selections:
Thomas Miller – ‘Twenty-One Stories About Gun Control,’
Michael Steinberg – ‘School Daze: Reflections and Riffs on a New York Childhood,’

Poetry Selections:
Amanda Auchter – ‘After the fall of all of this,’
T.J. Beitelman – ‘Upon Charley’s Marriage to a Girl from Idaho,’ ‘Upon the Birth of Mike’s Daughter, Some Unsolicited Advice Regarding Love and Other Such Vagaries,’
Kate Beles – ‘Counting Down,’
Victoria Boynton – ‘DNA,’
Roxana Cazan – ‘Kneading Bread Every Saturday,’
Sean Thomas Dougherty – ‘After the Election,’
Linda Dove – ‘In Defense of Objects,’
James Doyle – ‘Baptism in the River,’
Farrah Field – ‘Lively Oaks Trailer Park,’ ‘Louisiana Phone Call,’
Rachel Eliza Griffiths – ‘Declarations from Ghosts,’
Judith Harris – ‘Thinking About Emerson,’ ‘My Mother’s Ghost,’
Tom Haushalter – ‘Megan, Inside,’
Peter B. Hyland – ‘Stillbirth,’
Dara Mandle – ‘Slide Show,’
Pablo Miguel Martinez – ‘E.S.L.,’
Lori Anderson Moseman – ‘Dip Your Finger in the Water, Come and Cool Your Tongue,’
Doug Ramspeck – ‘Black Tupelo Country,’
Eric Rawson – ‘Further Suggestions for the Story,’
Richard Robbins – ‘Bouclé,’
Margaret A. Robinson – ‘Jubilation,’
Neil Shepard – ‘Teenager: Thirteen,’ ‘Duets,’
Dara-Lyn Shrager – ‘Eight Navy Seals,’
Amy Spade – ‘A Storm at Dusk,’
Bradford Gray Telford – ‘A Partial Genealogy of Spoken Waves,’
E.R. Turner – ‘The Iris House,’
Thom Ward – ‘Statement,’
Edward Zahniser – ‘Formal Dream State,’


Cover Art Artist Unknown
Photography by Allison Miller and Jose Fernando Flores.

John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction
Kate Leary – ‘A Different Language,’

Fiction Selections:
Kristie M. Betts – ‘Luck Be a Lady,’
Shivani Manghnani – ‘The Paying Guest,’
Rachel May – ‘In the Black Pond, Swimming,’
Jennifer Spiegel – ‘Beasts of Eden,’
Grant Tracey – ‘When Characters Die,’
Robert Vivian – ‘Burned Up Heroes,’
Joshua Weil – ‘John Henry’s Headlamp,’

Creative Nonfiction Selections:
Stephen Corey – ‘The Three Musky Tears, or, Three Decades and Realms of Editorial Happenstance,’
William V. Spanos – ‘Persephone’s Pomegranate,’

Poetry Selections:
Kate Beles – ‘Quicken,’
Francine Conley – ‘Suture,’ ‘Idioms (II),’
Stephen Corey – ‘Editor of Death,’
Sean Thomas Dougherty – ‘What We Keep,’
Kevin M. Gould – ‘Verbal Narcotic,’
Lyn Lifshin – ‘All Night the Night Has Been,’
Sharon Mollerus – ‘Waiting in the Waiting Room,’
Sean Prentiss – ‘A Day at Coney Island,1999,’
Elizabeth Rees – ‘One Into Two,’
Jack Ridl – ‘Sorting Through the Records,’ ‘The Ontology of Dogs,’
Mira Rosenthal – ‘At the Estate Sale,’
Anis Shivani – ‘The Women in My Household,’
John Smelcer – ‘Dream Walker,’
Nancy J. Thompson – ‘Nikita Khrushchev Buys Sheets,’
David Thornbrugh – ‘The Last Samurai,’
Matt Zambito – ‘Trying to Make a Long Story Short,’
Fredrick Zydek – ‘The Overpass Outside Forth Worth,’


Cover Art by Kara D'Angelo
Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry
Gail Waldstein – ‘Prayer for the Light Baby,’

Fiction Selections:
Lee K. Abbott – ‘One of Star Wars, One of Doom,’
Joan Connor – ‘How We Say Good-bye,’
Jonathan Crimmins – ‘Mulberry, Monkey
and Weasel,’
Ronald F. Currie, Jr. – ‘Draft of an Obituary,’
R.L. Futrell – ‘Haptics,’
Roy Kesey – ‘Blind Spot,’
Dani Rado – ‘A Response to Your Story, “An Iris in the Mail,”’
Bruce Holland Rogers – ‘Winter Beans,’
George Tucker – ‘Further Evidence You Are a Changeling,’

Creative Nonfiction Selections:
Sascha Feinstein – ‘Fire and Ceremony,’

Poetry Selections:
Kristine Abraham – ‘Postscript,’
Marvin Bell – ‘To Dorothy, Again,’ ‘Crossing the Cheviots,’
Candace Black – ‘Mr. D Takes His Mother to Church,’ ‘Mr. D Sells His House,’
J. Lorraine Brown – ‘Sunday,’
Matthew Byrne – ‘Naming Your Pet,’
Grace Cavalieri – ‘Ellsworth Avenue,’
Dara Cerv – ‘More Than One Hand,’
John W. Evans – ‘Crepuscule,’
Sascha Feinstein – ‘Aubade in Stockholm,’ ‘Anniversary Poem,’
Maria Fire – ‘Proof,’
Raymond P. Hammond – ‘Torch Passing,’
Michael Hettich – ‘Sweat,’
Anne Keefe – ‘Ars Poetica,’
Ron McFarland – ‘Objet Trouve,’
Doug Ramspeck – ‘Sunday Mornings,’
Russell Rowland – ‘I Conked a Dog,’
Stan Sanvel Rubin – ‘Garden,’ ‘Hand,’
Shane Seely – ‘Walt Whitman Visits the Carpenter Care Home in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania,’
Sue William Silverman – ‘Suburban Noir,’
Hal Sirowitz – ‘The Concert,’ ‘With Love,’
Francine M. Tolf – ‘Ed, Bragging,’
Ryan G. Van Cleave – ‘Mr. Bertel Poem #3, or Smart-ass-ology 101,’


Cover Photo by Janine Gelineau
John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction
Sarah Giles – ‘The Singer,’

Fiction Selections:
Andrew Bode-Lang – ‘Tomatoes in the Night,’
William Jablonsky – ‘Swimming with the Dead,’
Kate Menick – ‘(Love),’
Paul Michel – ‘Just to Say No,’
Aneela Mirchandani – ‘The Thief,’
Alice Stern – ‘Marching Eggs,’
Martha Witte – ‘Speaking,’

Poetry Selections:
Marvin Bell – ‘Decoys Left Behind,’ ‘Never Mind,’
Lisa Bellamy – ‘The Winter of Chiapas,’
Chris Crittenden – ‘Sea Smoke,’
Jim Daniels – ‘Painting the House,’
Julie Dunlop – ‘The Musician,’
Roselyn Elliot – ‘Late Winter, New Home,’
Stephen Kopel – ‘Pablo Dearest,’
Lyn Lifshin – ‘A Woman Goes into the Cemetery,’
Jack Ridl – ‘On Our Dog’s Birthday,’
Margaret A. Robinson – ‘Drinking My Parents,’


Cover Photography by Laura Moffitt
Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry
Lexi Rudnitsky – ‘Malaria,’

Fiction Selections:
Jenny Dunning – ‘Tenderloin,’
Margarita Engle – ‘The Gift,’
Mary Anne Mohanraj – ‘A Gentle Man,’
Jenny Steele – ‘Policies and Oranges,’
Alice Stern – ‘S.S. Pierce,’

Creative Nonfiction Selections:
Sean Thomas Dougherty – ‘The Dark Soul of the Accordion,’

Poetry Selections:
Alan Brich – ‘Phone Calls,’
E. Evans – ‘Willing,’
Joanne Lowery – ‘About Slavs,’
M. Nasorri Pavone – ‘Rick on His Way to Rachel,’
Jennifer Perrine – ‘When the Palm Reader Sees That You Have Two Life Lines,
He Says You Must Choose One,’
Nina Robb – ‘Dorothy,’
Lexi Rudnitsky – ‘Antigua,’
Ruth Stone – ‘Border,’
DeAnna Stephens Vaughn – ‘Précis of Three Summers,’
Jeff Walt – ‘I Inhale My Lover,’


Cover Art by Mike Hovancsek
John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction
Owen King – ‘Frozen Animals,’

Fiction Selections:
Elizabeth Bear – ‘Excerpt from HAMMERED,’
Leslie Birdwell – ‘However Unwilling,’
Brendan Connell – ‘The Dancing Billionaire,’
Judy Klass – ‘Icon,’
Ryan Miller – ‘The Gift,’
Aimee Parkison – ‘Collecting,’
Coral Smart – ‘Meal of bones,’

Poetry Selections:
Deborah H. Doolittle – ‘My Mother’s Kitchen,’
Jim Douglas – ‘Manufactured Housing,’
Guenter Eich – ‘In Conclusion (trans. By Douglas Haynes),’
Richard Jordan – ‘One Way to Go,’ ‘Learning to Spar,’
Frank Matagrano – ‘Dreaming of the Neighbor’s Wife,’
James Norcliffe – ‘how to talk to a peacock,’
nila northSun – ‘dancing in granny panties,’
Richard William Pearce – ‘Cape Code Evening,’
Karen R. Porter – ‘The Fat Dreams of Russian Springs,’
Knute Skinner – ‘A Fine Rain,’
Tomas Venclova – ‘R.K. (trans. By Laima Sruoginis),’


Cover Art by Thomas A. Buchta
Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry
Ryan G. Van Cleave – ‘Blue Man Group & the Shiftiness ofWu Wei,’

Fiction Selections:
Kevin Frazier – ‘Starlight,’
Benjamin Gebhardt – ‘One Spinning Second,’
Sheree Renee Thomas – ‘Excerpt from BONECARVER: TheBonecarver’s Daughter,’
Scott Wolven – ‘Controlled Burn,’

Poetry Selections:
Rich Kenney – ‘Another Season,’
Melinda Tromara Kirstein – ‘As If,'
Phillip S. Mandel – ‘Self-Discovery,’
Knute Skinner – ‘A Suitable Guest,’
Sommer Sterud – ‘Amputation Dream,’
Sheree Renee Thomas – ‘Black River Ritual,’
Leah Umansky – ‘Maybe One Night,’


John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction
Paul Michel – ‘Anonymity,’
Cover Art by Del Umbers

Fiction Selections:
Darrin Doyle – ‘Barney Hester,’
Shari Fineman – ‘Up, Up, and Away,’
Sara Johnson – ‘Regeneration,’
Bruce Holland Rogers – ‘Two Metamorphoses: Rag Monster and Sea Anemones,’
Justin Stanchfield – ‘So Deep Do They Dwell,’

Poetry Selections:
Lory Bediklan – ‘On the way to Oshagan,’
Alison Hoffman – ‘Low Clearance: Washington Heights,’
Katherine McCord – ‘March 10th Spring,’
Tony Medina – ‘New York,’ ‘Ward of the State,’
Luivette Resto – ‘Nightly Prayer to the Unborn Child,’
William P. Robertson – ‘My Students Say My Face No Longer Pleases,’
Mark Rudolph – ‘A New Monster,’
Benjamin Vogt – ‘All That Was Said About the Korean War,’
Fredrick Zydek – ‘Stars,’


Milt Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry
Eric Machan Howd – ‘Cell,’
Cover Art by Lynne Schneider
Fiction Selections:
Hugh Cook – ‘Pogy Bobs and the Hyena of Death,’
Richard Dokey – ‘The Windmill Man,’
Lorene MacLeod – ‘Ants,’
Mokuo Nagayama – ‘Beyond the Bluish Smoke,’
Ward Parker – ‘Adelphia,’

Poetry Selections:
Charles F. Burm – ‘The Yellow Eraser,’
Corrinne Clegg Hales – ‘Photographs of the Insane: The Suicide,’
Allison Joseph – ‘Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife,’
Joanne Lowery – ‘Apell,’
Eileen Malone – ‘Melon,’
S. K. McDonald – ‘An Interpretation of the Dream or The Way the West Was,’
Devorah Namm – ‘Uncoupling,’
Leigh Phillips – ‘Mandala,’
Susan Rich – ‘Archipelago,’
Mark Terrill – ‘Then & There,’


John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction
David Varela – ‘Theft of a Good Man,’

Fiction Selections:

Jarret Keene – ‘Black Box Recording,’
Cover Photography by Dana Anderson
Ilsa J. Bick – ‘A Day in the Life of a Quantum Cat,’
Leigh Kirkland – ‘A Correspondence Course in Bird Watching,’
Josh November – ‘The Whitefish Eating Contest,’

Poetry Selections:

Candi Chu – ‘Lizard Jelly,’
Danielle L. Gutter – ‘Streetlight Pantoum,’
Kake Huck – ‘Near Cherepovets, Russia,’
Dimitri Kalantatzis – ‘3 PHONE CALLS,’
Lindsay Kennedy – ‘Instructions for a Summer Date,’
Joyce K. Luzzi – ‘In My Mother’s Room,’
Matthew Moses – ‘the newly drowned,’
M. J. Pallotta – ‘Pattaya Beach, Thailand,’
Gabriele A. Rolle – ‘View from the Rectory,’
Virgil Suarez – ‘David Hockney Explains Silence by the Swimming Pool, ‘La Cruz de los Caidos, or Self Portrait with Cross,’
Eileen Tabios – ‘Hypertext, Daw,’
Ryan G. Van Cleave – ‘Lavabo.’