Liam Meilleur is a graduate of the Clarion West writer’s workshop with an MFA from the University of New Orleans. He’s currently pursuing a PhD in creative writing on a fellowship from Binghamton University, where he works as the editor-in-chief of the Harpur Palate literary journal. Liam also serves as a submissions editor for Uncanny Magazine. You can read about his misadventures as a genre writer and literary editor at a Rainy Day in Eden.

Bernadette Roe came to vape and rhyme.

Brian Kelly received his MFA at UC Irvine in California and has taught abroad and in New York City for 14 years. A poet and visual artist using interdisciplinary tactics in art, journalism, and literature, you’ll catch him perfecting his standup routine at the FunnyBone in Syracuse, NY.

Amanda Biltucci is an enigmatic native of upstate New York.

Heather Humphrey has just submitted a collection of short stories titled, Second Chances, to complete her MA in creative writing at Binghamton University and will begin pursuing a PhD in creative writing, also at Binghamton, in the fall of 2017. Heather has a passion for community service and hopes to use her degree to provide at-risk youth with free exposure to the arts and to create a safe space in which teens can re-imagine literacy through creativity and play. 

Kimberly De Souza moves in the shadows and knows the things that only the shadows know.