Sri Siddhi N. Upadhyay lives in New York and is a graduate student earning her PhD in Cognitive Psychology. She loves literature, language, and researches how we read and process meaning in text. Sri has been published most recently in Luna Negra, Alt Lit Press, Boston Poetry Magazine, Prosaic Magazine, Ghost House Review, and Flyover Country Review.


Liam Meilleur invented the Moon at the age of ten. As a wayward teenager, he hitchhiked his way across Atlantis and chased the waves back into the sea. After earning an MFA from the University of New Orleans, Liam became a 2013 Clarion West writer and a submissions editor for Urban Fantasy Magazine and Uncanny: A Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Liam is currently pursuing a PhD in creative writing at Binghamton University, where he teaches for the English department. You read about his misadventures at a Rainy Day in Eden.


Carolyn Keller is currently working her master's degree in English and Creative Writing. She writes creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, and the only things she loves more than writing are travel and her cat, Marlowe. In her "other life," she's an ESL instructor and longtime barista. She believes good storytelling and good coffee can bring people together, and agrees with Ashoke from The Namesake:  the best part about books is they allow you "to travel without moving an inch."


Brian Kelly is a man of great mystery.

Amanda Biltucci is an enigmatic native of upstate New York. 


Roberta Borger is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she studied Filmmaking and Screenwriting. After moving to the U.S in 2008, she earned a second Bachelor's in Creative Writing from SUNY Purchase, and an M.F.A from Chatham University. Roberta is currently pursuing her PhD in English at Binghamton University. Her poems, short stories, and photographs have been published in On the Rusk, The Acentos Review, K Magazine, and others.